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61 news time twelve fifty five, Verreault it's. It's too hot today, I know I actually thought about putting deodorant ON. Down there that's E. Oh no I don't want to get a rations to hot dude you gotta get a new one hundred stocks it's the only men's underwear designed with the male anatomy in mind the ballpark vowed eliminate chafing and it's like your boys are in the most comfortable panic. Well if we are south at Saks underwear dot the aid that as a x. But is it not Sport Chek boathouse and other premium retailers in Toronto. To celebrate our birthday at Mr lube this Friday and Saturday we pulled out all the stops first we're offering everyone the biggest savings of the year with Standard Oil changes for just thirty nine ninety nine, oh we'll have. Free snacks and refreshments. And we even hired this professional party instrumentalist. She was very expensive, so drive into Mr lube this Friday or Saturday and get a Standard Oil Change for thirty nine ninety nine take it away Stacey, and that the clock Well I could just

61't touch that are now. A, news time twelve fifty six another sixteen this weekend. Report eyeing twist McCusker read his second time this. Here the Bank of Canada is raising interest rates this time by twenty five basis points it doesn't sound like a lot but it can make a difference if you owe money, Janine WHITE is the vice president at Rate Supermarket dot ca the. First thing that they understand it's where you're actually carrying variable that, still absolutely the one that got into the mortgage requirements before those changes may be in a position where, they. May not be able to carried of higher death rate. So it sounds like what you're saying if we have debt we might want to sit down and re evaluate our finances. There's tons of mortgage rate calculators online affordability calculators where you can put in your met mortgage amount, you can get the, exact different that you're going to pay when we see increases can your budget handle this latest

61 just happened, couldn't handle one or two more. Janine White is the vice president at Rate Supermarket dacha, and at the business centre I'm Chris McCusker. The TD Insurance decreasing deductible for the greatest drivers on the road like Steve who resisted is tantalizing meatball sub the entire rivals are in Riga he just ignore that income taxes. And Jason. Three single time this, is for yellow, for TD Insurance decreasing deductible you can produce your deductible by ten percent each claims free year, learn more and get a quote and TD Insurance dotcom, commissions. But I see them immense is just a couple of guys who are serious about sports maybe a little too serious traffic slashing there was no mention of a subtle Gadhafi former. We'll bring you in death sports talk interviews with the biggest stars your daily dose of sports entertainment you guys optional incident from sports lost on to your own